By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 08, 2010 at 05:05 PM EST

Vizio’s ads during the Super Bowl last night featured fresh Internet sensations David after Dentist, Dramatic Chipmunk, the t-shirt guy, and Chocolate Rain. Timely! Finally, my TV can air memes that made it onto the Today show literally years ago.

Vizio is touting its Wifi-enabled HDTVs — and qwerty-keypad remotes (jeezle) — as a way to bring Web favorites, like Twitter and Facebook, to your TV. Weirdly, the ad seemed to minimize what to me is the biggest sell for Web-ready TVs: Internet-based on-demand programming. Between instant Netflix, Amazon on-demand, and the range of network-backed options (CBS and NBC have “apps” coming for Vizio), the real draw isn’t checking my eBay auctions on my television: It’s using a TV for what I already use if for, except better and more convenient.

There are plenty of other ways to get Web content onto a TV — Boxee, simply plugging a computer into your television — so I’m not sold on Vizio being the answer to my entertainment prayers. Are you, PopWatchers?