By Mandi Bierly
February 08, 2010 at 06:45 PM EST

Image Credit: Tatum: Scott Garfield; Gosling: Melissa Moseley Dear John had an impressive weekend at the box office, finally knocking Avatar out of the top spot (in, granted, its seventh week in release) and posting the biggest Super Bowl weekend opening in history. What’s not up for debate: Amanda Seyfried’s hair looked amazing in the film and Channing Tatum’s a better crier than I expected. The two issues we do need to discuss:

1) Is that lift-and-sit rain kiss between Tatum and Seyfried hotter than Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ lift-and-carry rain kiss in The Notebook? I’m going to argue yes. SPOILER! It’s their first kiss, which makes the PG-13 passion — sexy yet gentle — unexpected.

2) Where does this Lasse Hallström-directed movie rank among Nicholas Sparks adaptations? If, like me, you’ve somehow seen all five of the films, it hasn’t been in vain. Now, you too must rank them in order of enjoyment. For me, that would be: No. 1 The Notebook, No. 2 A Walk to Remember, No. 3 Dear John, No. 4 Message in a Bottle, and No. 5 Nights in Rodanthe. The Notebook will be everyone’s No. 1, of course, but from there it could get interesting…. It really comes down to how frustrating you found each film’s inevitable twist. (Tip: If you know all the words to “Only Hope,” A Walk to Remember is Your No. 2.)