Say what you want about David Cook, but don’t call him lazy. After taking home the American Idol season 7 crown in May 2008, Cook spent that summer and fall writing and recording his self-titled debut album during breaks in the “Idols Live” concert tour. The resulting CD has now gone on to sell 1.3 million copies (according to Nielsen SoundScan), due in no small part to Cook’s relentless touring schedule; he played 153 shows in 2009 (not counting trips to Iraq and the Philippines, nor corporate and promotional gigs). But there was no extended vacation for Cook when he finally sent his tour bus to the garage in December. Instead, he headed back to the studio to start the writing process for his sophomore disc, which he hopes to release in mid-2010.

While visiting New York City for a recording session in late January, Mr. Cook took on one more task, stopping by the Idolatry studios and spilling a little scoop on his work-in-progress: We got some details on his dream collaborators (Max Martin), heard about some “lofty ideas” (like going the Imogen Heap route), and were treated to four separate titles of songs he hopes will make the final album cut (!!!).

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