February 07, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

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It’s official: The Office is getting serious about an Andy-Erin romance. In the March 11 episode, the couple-to-be will finally set out on their first date.

“It’s been a slow process of Andy gaining the courage to ask her out, but he finally does,” reveals Office co-star-slash-showrunner Paul Lieberstein. “The wrinkle in their first date is she gets sick [with the flu], but they attempt to push on anyway.”

The swoon-worthy duo will face an even bigger obstacle in the coming weeks as pieces of Erin’s backstory begin to emerge. “We will reveal that Erin is a foster kid,” says producer BJ Novak. “Andy went to Cornell, so they had extremely different childhoods and upbringings. And learning about those differences and trying to figure out if they mesh will provide a lot of comedy.”

Andy and Erin’s courtship has drawn comparisons to the early days of Jim and Pam. Exec producer Greg Daniels, however, views them as two very different relationships. “I don’t think it’s like the Jim-Pam situation because [Andy and Erin] are played a little more comedically,” he says. “Jim and Pam are very funny characters, but their relationship is very sincere. Andy and Erin aren’t quite as bright [nor are they] the voice of the audience in the way that Jim and Pam are.”

Novak sees them as “kind of halfway between Jim and Pam and Andy and Angela. They’re a comedy couple, but they’re a sweet couple, too.”

What do you think? Do Andy and Erin have Jim/Pam-type potential? Looking forward to their first date? Comment away!

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