On last night’s premiere of The Sarah Silverman Show, Laura helped Sarah compile a list of her Wants and Needs. We are so on the same page! My top 3 Wants presented here would be 1) Tambourine Shoes, 2) Gigantic Magnet, 3) Fork Jewelry. I’m so glad there’s a show that holds important things I care about in such high regard. I was also more psyched than usual to hear Laura Silverman’s voice because she of The Comeback‘s Jane fame used to voice Dr. Katz’ sullen receptionist Laura and I’ve been watching those on DVD lately during bagel time on Sundays. Wow, I’m awesome.

Nice subtle product placement of Jet Blue, too.

Which of Sarah’s Wants do you Need the most in your life right now? Did you get a kick out of last night’s hermaphrodite-y Sarah Silverman premiere? If so, were you sober?

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