The actress on being nominated for an Oscar (''The Blind Side'') and a Razzie (''All About Steve'') in the same year

After winning the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award, it’s hard to believe that Sandra Bullock would be blind-sided by an Oscar nomination. Yet The Blind Side star insists she was. We caught up with her just after she heard the great news.

How does it feel to be an Oscar nominee?
It’s catching me by complete and total surprise. I don’t think moments like this should ever be expected or planned. I’m shocked and blown away.

The Best Actress race seems to be between you and Meryl Streep. How do you feel about going head to head with her?
Oh, stop with the ”head to head.” You people with the ”head to head.” Meryl and I laugh about what people say about us going ”head to head.” In our world, we talk, we laugh, we’re so thankful just to have a mention. And I told her, ”This ride with you has made it so sweet.” Because I like her so much as a human being and as a woman. We love how people start pitting women against each other. You don’t do it to men!

Let’s discuss another race: The Blind Side got a Best Picture nod. That was quite a surprise.
I know people say, ”Oh, a popular film, people went to see it — it shouldn’t be nominated.” Well, why not?

I also have to congratulate you on your Razzie nomination for All About Steve.
Oh my God, how fantastic is that? I’m showing up if I win.

Really? You would go to the ceremony?
Hell, yes! I do everything 100 percent. With All About Steve [last fall’s little-seen comedy that Bullock starred in and produced], we were trying to do something different. And if it gets some kind of award, that means people are talking about it. I’m more comfortable with criticism than I am with goodwill, because I’m more familiar with it, and I’ve made friends with it. And the Razzies are a great honor.

All About Steve
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