Recently it came to light that you could Jerzify Yourself. Which was fun for, like, a hot beach second. But screw that spray tan-and-trucker cap shizzle because now you can Dragulate yourself with Logo and RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Dragulator. Werq it out, boys and girls! Like I did. (See: left.)

I mean, to be honest, this isn’t that much of a stretch for me, since I’ve taken this plunge in a much more literal way before. But just look at the difference from the inset photo that I started with! From just fine to super fab…in about five minutes! PopWatchers: Meet my drag alter ego, the magnificent Desi von Bumpit. Tiara, pink wig, double door-knockers, and all.

One of the hilarious aspects of the Dragulator is that it honestly doesn’t matter what photo you start with because by the time you layer on all that accoutro, by the end you can’t tell what’s underneath anyway. (Secret: That’s the beauty of drag for you!)

These avatar-ish programs seem tailor made for turning men into fabulous ladies or ladies into more fabulous ladies, right? I can’t believe no one had prominently done this before! Also, can we talk about why these kind of -ify or -ulate type of sites are so satisfying? I guess it’s the just the fantasy of it—and the levels of ridiculousness to which you can go. But literally, when one of these type of sites debut, I find myself spending hours there, creating and recreating, trying on every different accessory. Sigh.

So PopWatchers and Drag Race fans, are you going to Dragulate yourself? Will you pretty-please (with a fierce tiara on top) Dragulate yourself, post it somewhere, and then link to it in the comments section below and tell me your chosen drag name? I wanna see you werq it out!

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