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Updated February 05, 2010 at 06:09 PM EST

Project Runway

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“Don’t hate me. I’m trying to play a game here!” protested Alexis the U.F.O. to no one while making ironic double peace signs with her alien hands. Really, dear, sweet other-planetary creature: No one is fighting against you. You are playing the role of coat hanger #9 in a game of chance. As usual, nothing happened on last night’s Models of the Runway, and yet I refuse to not recap it because my warped logic dictates that this blog item somehow earns me back the 22 minutes of my life I wasted away. Alexis’ attempts to talk strategy and bad-mouth Sarah during the pedicure party went over about as well as Heidi’s question to the group: “Would you like to spend more time with these women?” The highlight of the episode was when the models and the temporary real-people models with heart conditions had to halfheartedly exercise in the middle of Madison Square Park. This seemed about 66.6-repeating percent more embarrassing than another common NYC-lady plight: having to use the treadmill butted up against the full-length window in a New York Sports Club during rush hour. Find out who went home — and which designers chose which models — after the jump, and don’t miss non-Campbell’s spokeswoman Missy Schwartz’ Project Runway recap!

You’d think Kasey would have been the one who was eliminated, considering all the confessionals she did, but maybe Sarah had even less to say than we thought and just didn’t give good interviews. Sarah went home. Sarah and Kasey had become friends on a deeper level. Sad.


Amy went back to Holly (instead of Kasey)

Anthony picked Kristina (not Sarah)

Ben changed things up with Lorena (over Alexis)

Mila picked Brandise (Maya’s former model)

Seth Aaron thinks he’ll “do” Valeria (Janeane’s former model)

Jay stayed with Monique

Jesse wanted to “push beyond” what he’s comfortable with and chose Alexis (over Megan)

Anna stuck with Cerri after throwing obvious I’m-gonna-pick-you faces her way the whole time

Jonathan would like “the chance to actually work” with Alison

Emilio picked Brittany

Maya picked Megan

Janeane chose Kasey

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