Apple?s newest addition has tech fans buzzing

By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 05, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

It won’t hit stores until late March, but the most important tablet since Moses is already making waves in the entertainment industry.

As Macmillan’s showdown with Amazon proves, publishers are looking for more pricing control on e-books than Amazon has generally been willing to cede. Enter Apple’s iBookstore.

Apple’s new gadget doesn’t run Flash, which means no Hulu for you?and Hulu has ”no plans” for an iPad-friendly version.

The iPad also doesn’t support the plug-ins necessary for instant Netflix, making iTunes the go-to movies option.

The big multi-touch screen opens up new possibilities for developers. But with Nintendo’s large-format DSi XL on its way, the iPad won’t be the only supersize option. Game on.