By Mandi Bierly
Updated February 05, 2010 at 09:29 PM EST

Okay, okay. Chances are that U.S. figure skater Evan Lysacek’s opponents already knew about his superstitions and, therefore, how to get inside his mind. But if they didn’t, all they have to do now is watch last night’s interview with Jay Leno. Lysacek, the 2009 world champion, revealed that throughout an event, he has to sit in the same seat backstage at the arena, walk to the ice on the same stripe on the carpet, and pee in the same urinal. If someone’s using his urinal, he’ll wait; if someone’s in his seat, he’ll slide the person’s bag and skates away from him until he gets the hint to move. (“That doesn’t go well, usually,” he admits.) He also can’t get out of bed in the morning until after he’s won a game of Scrabble on his phone. Great insight into the mind of a professional athlete. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to bite him. Or, better yet, that someone does try to screw with Lysacek, he triumphs anyway, and goes on Letterman post-Olympics to tell him all about it.