Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Lopez, and ''Big Love'' made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
Updated February 05, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

· Sharp wit, funny skits. Jimmy Kimmel is our new late-night hero.
· Wanting to belong to both Team Sandra and Team Meryl
· Emmy voters: Please don’t forget Lily Tomlin’s wig on Damages.
· Dozens of talented celebrities — and Katharine McPhee — unite to remake ”We Are the World.”
· Attention, music industry: Going forward, Jennifer Nettles should sing on every single.

· MADtv predicted the iPad four years ago…though it was only for women…and only useful during a certain time of the month. Check out the sketch on YouTube.
· Jennifer Lopez’s dress at the Grammys: Jekyll and J. Lo
· The Big Love incest story line would be the most disturbing thing in the world right now if it weren’t for the John Edwards sex tape.
· Billy Idol may replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith, which would be awesome if it were 1979.
· Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart to star in a sitcom, which would be awesome if it were 1992.
· Karma (noun): When an upcoming biopic of antigay activist Anita Bryant is directed by a gay man

· This headline from UsMagazine.com: ”Oops! Jessica Simpson Farts During Business Meeting”
· Is Supercuts giving a two-for-one discount to Rihanna and Mary J. Blige?
· Kristen Bell is engaged to Dax Shepard. If it’s possible for a person to jump the shark, we think she just did.
· Stupid groundhog saw his shadow.
· The Situation from Jersey Shore to release a cologne: Smells like gym, tanning, laundry, and desperation.
· Yes, Taylor, the Grammys were a fairy tale — for those who took a well-timed trip to the bathroom while you ”sang.”