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Betty White fans are speaking, and they're saying one of the most genius things ever: Bring Rose Nylund on as host of Saturday Night Live! No, but really, fans have rallied in a recently created Facebook fan page titled: "Betty White to host SNL (please?)!" As of noon ET today, the page had nearly 35,000 fans, rocketing from around 8,500 yesterday morning.

"Betty White has been doing television since before I Love Lucy!" the page proclaims. "What a way to honor her career, her comedic timing, and her life than by inviting her to host Saturday Night Live!!!" The page's wall is littered with love for the former Mary Tyler Moore and Golden Girls star. "She would show those young whipper snappers how it's done!" says one poster, while another simply writes: "Please! Please! Please! Best. SNL. Ever."

And honestly, the question here is: Why hasn't Betty—one of Hollywood's most beloved and hilarious actresses—hosted the stalwart comedy show before? Why has no one thought of this before now? Has she been approached and just didn't want to do it? (EW reached out to SNL's rep, who said: "Sorry. We never comment on this sort of thing." And White's rep has yet to return an email with a similar inquiry.)

Personally, I would die to see Ms. White take on the Target Lady or do an over-the-top skit on the continued national obsession with Golden Girls. The fact of the matter is that Betty is 88 years old, and she's funnier than ladies one-quarter of her age. Heck, she's a helluva lot funnier than some of this season's SNL hosts, like Megan Fox or January Jones.

And, we've all loved Betty so long that we'd revel in every moment of her 90 minutes on stage. Plus, she's clearly proven that she's a hoot in scripted shows—for decades!—but she's also show deft skill as a hilarious late-night gal as of late, like when she took on Jimmy Fallon in beer pong last summer and got sassy with Craig Ferguson around Christmastime. Also! Even though she is older, her appeal crosses all generations, from little kids (Glenn Martin, DDS) to soap opera lovers (The Bold and the Beautiful) to the gays (Golden Girls, Ugly Betty) to quirk fans (Boston Legal) to old folks (Mary Tyler Moore)—oh hell—basically everyone else. Seems like a grand slam to me!

In so many ways, I feel like we're one step away from this: "Betty White for President!" Which, truly, isn't the craziest of ideas.

Do you agree, PopWatchers? Are you going to immediately join the fan page to get Betty a spot on SNL? What skit would die to see her be a part of?

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