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February 05, 2010 at 11:46 AM EST

SNL vet Jan Hooks played the titular “Verna” in last night’s solid episode of 30 Rock. Pete! Kenneth! Jenna as her least-annoying self! All that and Meat Cat? Maybe 30 Rock is my release. These were the 10 best lines:

“I was inside ya! Razmataz!” — Meat Cat! You got cheezy bla-ah-sters!

“His name is Mr. Wiggles, and his cat’s name is Benson.” –Kenneth, who knows not to go to bed with a frown

“She’s down there, sitting on a curb, chain smoking, and waiting for me to come out — just like the day I was born!” — Jenna, who’s just a gorgeous naturally blonde ATM

“I’d like to pre-apologize for clogging your tub, sink, and toilet.” — Frank, who has a compilation DVD of fat ladies crying

“Mothers! You can’t kill them?” — Jack, who is going to ask you to always speak quieter

“While you were talking, I put a thumbtack in my neck!” — Pete, whose arms are really weak

“It was perfect, like a John Mayer song!” — Jenna, who was engaged to a congressman at 16

“This show will have laughter, tears, topless arguments, infections caused by jacuzzi water!” — Verna, who has a tattoo of a mermaid “doing it” with Captain Morgan

“They’re called night spanx!” — Liz and Lutz

“This just got awesome!” followed by “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen!” — Tracy, who doesn’t want to be the black guy at the movie

All that, plus some amazing improvised lines from Jack McBreyer at the very end? More like this, please!

Are you looking forward to the return of Verna as much as I am, PopWatchers? And was I the only one who secretly hoped Jenna and Verna’s duet would turn into a long-lost Sweeney Sisters bit? Clang…?

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan star in the Emmy-winning comedy. You want to go to there.
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