Watching Psych, I’m usually in sync with Shawn and Gus’ tastes in pop culture. Like, for instance, I support Shawn “vetting” Gus’ new girlfriend in last night’s episode by asking her for her favorite episode of Magnum, P.I. Perhaps that’s why I felt a sting when the duo dissed Final Destination, a movie that I distinctly remember enjoying in the theater, early in the episode. In the scene below, Gus has just found out that his girlfriend is an adrenaline junkie — after he and Shawn unknowingly crashed an extreme white water rafting outing that ended with one of her friends presumed dead. Gus was going to break up with her, but didn’t.

Shawn: Man, she likes to almost die. So do her friends. It’s like we walked into Final Destination.

Gus: Shawn, we walked out of Final Destination.

I was surprised by how sad it made me to think that Shawn and Gus wouldn’t have enjoyed that movie experience. I had to pause the episode and regroup, decide that this little disagreement wouldn’t affect our relationship. It would just be something we would agree never to speak of again. See: The real-life friend with whom I can’t talk about Wings.

Anyone else feel this kind of sting before? Share it so we all feel a little less crazy.

P.S. There’s no way whoever wrote that Final Destination exchange actually saw it in the theater with a crowd.