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TBS’ first hourlong comedy pilot has landed Office Space‘s Gary Cole for its leading man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Uncle Nigel, from Monk creator Andy Breckman, is about a Philadelphia homicide detective (Cole) who partners with his incompetent nephew. First thought: Sounds like a dynamic Breckman should have a handle on after eight seasons with Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Lt. Randall Disher. Second thought: Who should play the nephew? I’d love to see Cole reteam with Ron Livingston, but a decade age difference may not be large enough…Who would you cast alongside the 53-year-old Cole? Let’s say we’re looking for an actor in his 20s or 30s. I’d vote for The ClassJason Ritter, but would also consider: Parks and Recreation‘s Chris Pratt, if they’d let him moonlight; Dollhouse‘s Enver Gjokaj (interesting, right?); and Michael Cera. Perhaps a top-notch cable comedy that gives him a job (even if he’s inept at it) is the way to get out of the hoodie and into adult roles…

Your pick?

Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz/