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To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Monopoly is changing its look. A lot. To a circle. I can only assume this represents the endless cycle of wealth accumulation and the ultimate futility of seeking fulfillment from money alone. That, or it looks really really cool. Either way!

Dubbed “Monopoly: Revolution,” the revamped game speaks to a generation coming of age during times of economic crisis. Passing go? You now collect $2 million. And paper money? Pish posh. Everyone gets a debit card! (That’s already part of the electronic banking version. Oy, kids these days.) A crash in the real estate market? Just kidding, that’s not part of it. The play is otherwise the same, though Community Chest and Chance are now include sound effects and audioclips from popular songs. I’m concerned that the introduction of debit cards means no more cheating, which is the one perk of having to be the banker (which is otherwise totally thankless), and no more fudging the rules where you get a pile of money if you land on free parking.

PopWatchers, my Monopoly of choice was and will always be Star Wars Monopoly, and a sound-emitting card-swiper will always mean Mall Madness. Still: The round board is both intriguing and surprisingly lovely. Will you be buying the Boardwalk?