On tonight’s two-hour special Man vs. Food, Adam Richman will take the Don Shula’s 48 oz. Steak Challenge in Miami Beach….LIIIIIIIVE! Just like Dancing With the Stars! Our consumption hero won’t be alone if he triumphs — Shula’s website indicates that the 48 oz. Club contains 34879 beef lovers in America and counting — but he will probably be the only one to cop football-referee poses with a tough-guy face and incorporate the seldom-used steak-as-football motif for a Travel Channel TV promo. Even though this is a two-hour live event from 9-11 p.m. ET, Richman will still only have his regular allotted time of 20 minutes to finish. Since this challenge will be a cakewalk for the man who has finished a 72-oz. steak PLUS SIDES in the past, I’m hoping perhaps the other 90 minutes will be devoted to side dishes and maybe even a cool-down walk featuring cake instead of anything Super Bowl-related. (In your dreams, Barrett: The managers of Shula restaurants are referred to as “head coaches!)

Either way, I say this gives us all a great excuse to eat jumbo lump crab cakes and The Wedge salad and lobster mashed potatoes and creamed spinach all day. Maybe a few steak tips, to coat the stomach. You don’t want to go into the challenge starving; that’s poor form. In related news, I am starving. What will you do to train for Adam’s Super Bowl Wednesday?