UPDATE (2/9/10): Discovery announces that Captain Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch has died

Phil Harris, known to fans of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch as captain of the crab fishing vessel Cornelia Marie, awoke Tuesday from the medically induced coma he was placed in following surgery for the stroke he suffered last Friday off-loading his boat in Alaska. “No one ever said Captain Phil Harris wasn’t tough,” his sons Josh and Jake say in a new statement released by the network. “Today, dad showed some good signs of improvement, squeezing our hands and even summoning his trademark Captain’s bluntness by telling the doctors and nurses, ‘Don’t f— up.’ We are encouraged but still very cautious. It is a long road ahead, but it’s made more bearable and comforting knowing your thoughts and prayers are with us. We are strong because of you — our fans. Thanks and we will continue to update you as best we can going forward.”

According to the Cornelia Marie‘s website, thousands of emails have been received from fans expressing their concern for the captain, his family, and his crew — many of whom have met Phil and his deckhand sons during promotional appearances supporting the show. Get well cards can be sent to the following address, where they’ll be handled by a good friend of the captain and delivered to him at a later date. Another good friend has taken over relief skipper duties on the Cornelia Marie.

Captain Phil Harris

PO Box 32466

Amarillo, TX 79120-2466

Photo Credit: Blair Bunting/Getty Images