There comes a point at which anticipation turns into wariness, and you, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese, are treading dangerously close to it. Shutter Island was apparently bumped from last fall to Feb. 19 because of the bad economy, so we shouldn’t take that as the sign of a bad film. But having seen — and loved — these trailers for months and months now is starting to numb my excitement over a DiCaprio-Scorcese reunion. (On a super-cool-creepy-looking film based on a Dennis Lehane novel, no less! And set in the ’50s! With accents! I love period-Leo-with-accents!)

Nonetheless, the new trailer — set to premiere during the Super Bowl this Sunday — aims to re-stoke our fervor, with a heavy dose of Scorcese emphasis:

I’m still excited, but I almost don’t want to see any more teasers until the movie is out — I’m starting to feel like the joke’s on me and Scorcese actually just made a mighty fine set of trailers called Shutter Island. What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you still psyched about Shutter Island? Does seeing the names of many Scorcese films with percussive emphasis make you moreso?

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