Notepad? Check. Pencil? Check. Dharma jumpsuit? Errr… no, I don’t wear that at all while I watch Lost! Why would you think that?! (Totally check.) The two-hour season premiere of the final season is minutes away for some, hours away for others. Will Jughead reboot time? Will Fake Locke make Ben start killing, like, everyone on The Island, not just statue-inhabiting demi-gods with weaving hobbies? The answers (hopefully) are forthcoming. Here are some ideas for your final prep. First, there’s one scene you need to see from the very first episode of Lost (the pilot; season 1); check it out here, with some interesting commentary by Lost exec producer Damon Lindelof. Second, I had a Lost conversation today with New York Magazine’s Emily Nussbaum, in which we discuss loving Lost –– and being occasionally frustrated by it. You can find that discussion here. But before you do that: have you ever wanted to see Dan Snierson’s celebrity interview techniques in action? Let’s just say the man knows how to get an intimate profile. Or does? Check out the season premiere of “Totally Lost” (below) for illumination. Also check it out for the teases, analysis, and guest appearances by Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson, and the Man In Black himself, Titus Welliver.

By the way, by all means use the message boards below as your virtual hang-out while watching Lost. Also, make sure you come back to the site immediately following the show tonight (wherever you are watching) — I’m going to have something that I think you’ll want to read, like, IMMEDIATELY. I’ll have a recap for you tomorrow morning — and then tomorrow at noon PST/3 p.m. ET, I’ll be spending an hour responding to you on Twitter @ewdocjensen.

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