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The sheer volume of Lostrelated content on the Internet today (and perhaps in your office — maybe your nerd coworkers, like mine, are LARPing around ‘The Island’ of Conference Room B while projecting Dharma Initiation videos onto the big screen from YouTube right this second) is enough to make a non-Lost viewer want to pop off Gordon Ramsay-style on these freaks. Why don’t they open their minds, man? There are other things on TV! Sorry, shocked Locke (pictured), some people desire to spend 9-11 p.m. ET not re-submerging into an Island-based state of confusion, and this is not a sign of a deficiency in character. Consider this your place to vent.

If you’re not watching Lost tonight (REALLY? Are you sure?) — what’ll it be instead? The Biggest Loser? Kitchen Nightmares? NCIS: LA and The Good Wife? A double-header of your favorite CNBC reruns, Marijuana Inc. and Porn: Business of Pleasure? The Caribbean World Series on the MLB Network (Mexico at Venezuela)? Here’s your chance to tell all those crazed Losties why your choice is superior to their beloved saga.

Just don’t say you’ll be reading a book. No one believes you.

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Hell to the No!
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