The magic happens at 0:55. Sergio the sax maniac is talking about his role as Jake Ehrlich, the attorney who defends City Lights bookstore proprietor Lawrence Ferlinghetti in the Allen Ginsberg biopic Howl. The film premiered at Sundance Jan. 21, after which EW’s Owen Gleiberman wrote it was “just an okay movie, but it’s got a canny, outsider-art infectiousness.” As we lament that Howl has no release date, let’s continue to mourn the hot beard Hamm sported at the premiere and for most of January. I reluctantly admit it was a good idea to shave it before doing SNL, because floating-in-champagne chunks of pork totally could have gotten caught in that thing at Hamm and Buble.

Watch similar interviews of Howl‘s James Franco on his role as the young Ginsberg (“raw” and “overnight explosions” both come up) and Jeff Daniels on playing Professor David Kirk (sexiest word is “Dadaism”) over at the Trailer Addict. [<a href="