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Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosNow that she’s bagged her Oscar nomination, it’s time for me to go public: I have a major straight-woman girl crush on Carey Mulligan. It started when I saw (and loved) An Education, in which the actress wasjaw-droppingly good as Jenny. Despite Mulligan’s real-world background as a savvy, modern twentysomething, she perfectly captured the yearning, excitement, and heartbreak of being a 16-year-old girl being swept off her feet by an older man in 1960s London.

My crush has just been intensifying in recent weeks with her consistently charming interviews and Hepburn-esque red-carpet appearances (dressing age appropriate and classy). And she even has a cute statement reacting to her Oscar nomination today: “This is beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of. I’ve definitely never felt such excitement and nausea this early in the morning!”

Without sounding like a complete stalker, I can’t WAIT to see what she wears to the Oscars. And I think I’ll even go see Wall Street 2 to check out her post-Jenny acting chops. Meanwhile, I dare to dream that next time I’m in London she’ll invite me over for tea – I’ll bet she’s got a real china tea set, don’t you?

I know I’m not alone in my affections. Check out Jeff Bridges admiring her toes in the video below. Mike Bruno sums up this insane video better than I can: “It’s gross, funny, awkward, and wonderful.” And Mulligan is such a good sport about it. How much more Carey cuteness can the world handle?

So, your turn, who’s your current same-sex crush? (Or if you’re gay, who’s your current opposite-sex crush?)

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