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I can’t decide which element of this-just-in ridiculata is the worst: 1) Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was Access Hollywood‘s red carpet correspondent at last night’s Grammys 2) The Situation’s new fragrance will be called Sitch, or 3) The Situation’s suit in this picture. (Bunching, or just happy to see us? Discuss.) I can never go back to a purer state of not knowing any of these things, and since I’m a miserable excuse for a human being who sometimes refuses to suffer in silence, now neither can you.

In other horrifying-but-hypnotic news, the entire Jersey Shore cast appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about moving somewhere warm for season 2 and thoroughly confuse Meredith Viera about what the hell is going on in pop culture — even after a lengthy video recap during which the voiceover said, incredulously, “that’s Nicole Polizzi, nicknamed Snooki. She was even punched in the face this season!”

Certainly vote below. I’m interested in The Situation’s staying power. And I hate myself for typing this, but my relationship with the name “Sitch” for a fragrance is so love/hate that it may as well be love.

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Image credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

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