Oh, Diplo, you joker. The Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance went to Beyoncé’s “Halo” last night, one of six trophies she took home — more than any female artist ever. Producer/DJ Diplo’s erratically capitalized response via Twitter: “SERIOUSLY CANT BELIEVE beyonce won a GraNNY when My VErSiOn of HaLo with elefant man + @majorlazer is SoOO MUCH BETTER!” Diplo even included a link to download his conceptual dancehall project Major Lazer’s cover of “Halo,” with lead vocals provided by Jamaican star Elephant Man, right there in his tweet. If you add the MP3 to iTunes, the artist will be listed as “Diplo shoulda won grammy.” Ha ha.

Putting Diplo’s prankish commentary aside — because I don’t think anyone including him could seriously argue that the three dudes behind this cover deserved Best Female Pop Vocal Performance over Queen B — this version of “Halo” is…okay. It stays fairly close to the original, except with Elephant Man growling instead of Beyoncé belting the verses. I’m not hearing the kind of irresistible, innovative beats that Major Lazer guys Diplo and Switch usually bring to the table, though. Is this “Halo” cover fun? Sure. Necessary? Not particularly.

Use Diplo’s Twitter link to check out Major Lazer’s “Halo,” then sound off: Are you glad Diplo leaked this cover? Do you think he’s in a position to be talking trash about Beyoncé’s Grammys?

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