From previous PopWatch commenters, I know I’m not alone in my love for David Tennant in Doctor Who. Well, now BBC Video has a special treat for Tennant fans – this video celebrating his best moments in the role.

The video is tied to the release of Doctor Who: The Complete Specials, out on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, which provides a fitting goodbye to Tennant. The set includes five discs of Tennant-rific specials: The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars, and The End of Time, Parts One and Two. Even if you’ve seen all the specials, the package is also notable for its extras, such as a new Doctor Who Confidential for The Next Doctor; Tennant’s video diary from his final days of shooting; a look at Tennant’s and creator Russell T Davies’ first visit to Comic Con; and Davies’ introduction of The End of Time deleted scenes.

As we see the end of Tennant’s reign, I think it’s only appropriate to ask PopWatchers if he was the best doctor of all time (there have been 10 since 1963, listed in chronological order below). Let’s put it to the vote! (poll after the jump)

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