He may no longer be part of the peacock, but that’s not stopping NBC from selling merchandise emblazoned with Conan O’Brien’s name and image. The network is still shilling T-shirts, mugs, and more featuring the former Tonight Show host both online and inside their NBC Experience Store in Manhattan.

The merchandise inside the NBC Experience Store is towards the back, behind stands holding Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Jay Leno Show duds. O’Brien T-shirts, including one of him donning his famous Year 2000 suit, go for $25 each, or three for $65. The Conan Desk Mug with a cartoon illustration is $14, and a Triumph In Your Pocket novelty electronic toy is $10. Push a button and he’ll say something cute like, “You’re a great friend…for me to poop on.”

Nothing is discounted, although online you can get a couple of deals – a Late Night shot glass will set you back just $2.97, while a Pale Force bobble pin is $6.97 – a savings of $3.03. Some items, like the Conan O’Brien Kit with a shirt and Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special DVD, are sold out.

Also cashing in on the Coco craze are are eBay sellers – simple mugs with just the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien logo are going for $39 (with 21 bids and more than six hours to go) all the way up to a whopping $56 (with just seven bids and almost a full day left of bidding). If you’ve got bills to pay and some random Conan memorabilia sitting around, I suggest you put it on eBay and ride the wave until it crashes.

An employee of the NBC Experience Store said understandably that once the merchandise is gone, it’s gone. The manager said she couldn’t comment, so we don’t know how things are selling or what the reaction has been from customers. I can tell you that the O’Brien T-shirt stock looked a little low, while there were still several hideous denim long-sleeved shirts over in Leno’s section.

What do you think? Are you going to rush out to get your hands on anything Conan related?