Over the years, TLC’s What Not To Wear has become my go-to show for a fluffy fix on Friday nights (or whenever they run a marathon!). Tonight, the show celebrates its 250th episode (it airs at 9 pm on TLC.)

There’s something reassuring in knowing that in the course of a one-hour show, hosts Clinton and Stacey will be reliably goofy, slightly annoying at times, and genuinely sweet at the end. Someone’s horrible clothes will go into a trash can, and they’ll get $5,000 to spend on fabulous new clothes. Sure, some people might call WNTW a guilty pleasure, but it’s hard for me to feel guilty watching when you see each participant appear to be changed for the better (on the inside, too) by the end of each show. Yes, I’m a sap, but a sap who also likes to look at pretty clothes and shoes.

Check out some before and after highlights here, and take see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode (more videos after the jump).

Plus a recent favorite makeover of a witchy woman:

So, fellow WNTW fans, I want to hear what you think – how is new hair stylist Ted Gibson comparing to former hair guru Nick Arrojo? Which stylist do you trust more, Stacy or Clinton? (Does anyone remember those horrible early days with Wayne?) Is there anyone out there who has been on the show and wants to tell us what it was really like in the comments section — I want to live vicariously!