Could this weekend be lucky No. 7 at the box office for James Cameron’s Avatar? Possibly, as it seems that the masterpiece could yet again top the weekend’s box office. But for the first time since it premiered, the flick has a formidable foe in Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness. EW’s box office guru Nicole Sperling predicts that the two will battle but that ultimately Avatar will prevail over Darkness. Sperling also sees When in Rome, Legion, and The Tooth Fairy tangled in the $6-8 million range and battling for spots three through five.

But, predictions, shmerdictions: What are you going to see? That’s what I wanna know! Please vote in our totally informal, weekly EW Weekend Box Office Poll below. Oh wait, what you’re planning to hit the theaters for isn’t one of the five choices in the poll and talked about above? Choose the last selection of “Something else!” and then tell us about what you’re going to see in the comment section below. I wanna hear from you! Thanks for playing!

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Box office preview: ‘Avatar’ and ‘Edge of Darkness’ battle for No. 1

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