Here’s a video of a man cuddling a live chicken on the uptown-bound 6 subway train in New York City. I don’t know how to explain it better than that:

I have seen many unexpected things on the subway, including but not limited to people defecating, masturbating, tumbling, dancing, carrying Ikea bookcases, openly weeping, playing mariachi music, applying nail polish, and explaining horribly inaccurate physiology to one another (“of course you can get pregnant from that; your insides are all connected to each other”). But a man rolling on the floor of the train while hugging and caressing a live chicken? That’s a new one even for me.

PopWatchers, I am so cynical I wondered briefly if maybe Subway had something to do with this, so when we all frantically googled “subway chicken” we’d learn all about a tasty sandwich or something.

Anyway, beyond “gee, I hope this guy and that chicken get the kind of help they need,” what are your thoughts on The Subway Chicken? Cheep cheep cheep cheeeeee…?