Robert Pattinson

Hmmm. Bluewater Productions, the folks who brought you comic biographies of Al Gore, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Stephenie Meyer, are set to ship FAME: Robert Pattinson in May. It’s a 32-page comic that will trace the Twilight star’s career and, as the press release says, “introduce fans to the many sides of Pattinson.” Maybe this is just the 34-year-old me talking, but I don’t think this is necessary. For starters, I seriously doubt that diehard fans who scour the Internet 100 times a day will learn anything new in this comic, and who wants to look at a cartoon Pattinson (even if he is kinda hot) when you’re one mouse click away from the real thing?

Am I wrong? In Bluewater’s defense, their Stephenie Meyer comic, published in November 2009, has sold out of several printings. But isn’t she more of a mystery at this point than Pattinson? I suppose there will be fanatics who must have everything Rob, and $3.99 isn’t going to break the bank to complete the collection. It could, conceivably, be fun to flip through it and see how accurately they capture his wardrobe and mannerisms. I know it sounds like I’m caving, but I’m not so no one get this for me as a gift, unless you really want to, in which case I’ll accept it, and read it in my office with as much shame as I do the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

What do you think? Unnecessary, but sure to sell out? At least it might introduce new people to the medium, and that’s not a bad thing…

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