As Tim Gunn frequently reminds the designers lucky enough to breeze through his orbit, fashion is subjective. We Runway fans try to remember this fact of life, too. But man oh man are there some baffled Runway-ites venting their frustration on today. Their gripe? That Mila’s 1960s-inspired op-art black and white jacket and pants ensemble (pictured, far left) is hideous, and (SPOILER ALERT) never should have won.

I guess I’m surprised by the outcries because I lurved Mila’s design. Now, is it wearable? Not particularly — at least not for any everyday occasion. But neither are any of those 10 iconic garments that Tim and the gang drooled over in the Met last night. And unless I’m mistaken, the point of the challenge was to create a “signature look” worthy of those Met items. To me, Mila’s was. It was bold, daring, and had more drama than a Lifetime movie of the week. It had a certain fantasy appeal. As I said in my recap of last night’s episode, the ensemble reminded me of The Avengers’ great Emma Peel, who is herself hailed by many as — pardon my use of an all-too-frequently abused term — a fashion icon.

In defending Mila’s win, I’m certainly not saying that those of you who don’t agree with me are wrong. We’re all right! Because we love clothes! But I’m curious to know which outfit you think should have won over Mila’s. Jay and Maya’s (pictured, above)? Emilio and Anna’s? Ping and Jesse’s? (Ha ha ha ha ha!) To refresh your memory, check out Lifetime’s Rate the Runway. Then sound off!

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