From Kelly Clarkson to Susan Boyle to Miranda Lambert, it seems like everyone in the music business has covered the ''Up the Mountain'' singer's work

Singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, 45, just released Downtown Church, an album of gospel covers, so we got her take on some of the famous artists who’ve interpreted her work.

Kelly Clarkson
The Idol winner did ”Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)” on the 2007 Idol Gives Back special. ”I love her voice,” says Griffin. ”She came to a show, this young girl with braids singing all the words. I thought she was a teenager.”

Susan Boyle
”Mountain” also appears on Boyle’s album. ”All my friends are like, ‘That’s so exciting! You were the first person to send us the Susan Boyle YouTube video!’ I did send it to about 20 people. It’s hard to sing on TV. She nailed it.”

Dixie Chicks
The Chicks lent their twang to three of Griffin’s tunes: ”Let Him Fly,” ”Truth No. 2,” and ”Top of the World.” ”I think Natalie’s a great singer,” says Griffin, who toured with the trio in 2000. ”She’s really one of the good ones.”

Jessica Simpson
The onetime reality star put ”Let Him Fly” on her CD A Public Affair…but Griffin’s never heard it. ”I don’t really know much about her. Blond. Very pretty. I’m not a big TV watcher. I’m not hooked into pop culture.”

Miranda Lambert
”It doesn’t have to be loud,” she says of Lambert’s raucous ”Getting Ready.” ”To me, it’s tongue-in-cheek. When you’re younger, forces inside of you are telling you to stand on a table and scream and tell people to look at you.”