Last night, R&B/soul legend Patti “Lady Marmalade” LaBelle appeared on Oscar-hopeful Monique’s talk show, and damn! That lady — who, mind you, is 65 years old! — can still belt with the best of them. “They would cancel this show if you came on here and did not take this microphone,” Mo’Nique said as she intro-ed Patti’s scorching rendition of “You Are My Friend.” Ain’t that the truth.

Beyond just loving all over Patti’s gorgeous pipes, natch, I love that both Mo’Nique and Gabrielle Union stood up and grooved while she was singing. Because it’s like, how can you not when Patti is singing? Also, is anyone shocked that “You Are My Friend” is “Mo’Nique’s song”? I’m not.

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