Allow me to introduce myself: I am the only person who’s seen every single episode of Models of the Runway. Please prove me wrong in the comments. Anyway, scandale! on last night’s Project Runway: Jesse/Ping’s model, Megan, dared to open her mouth. Megan tattled on Ping for not even glancing her way let alone fitting her for the pair’s “Look For Less,” a drab skirt and top that I was sure had been pulled out of the “formalwear: kind of” pile I had in my closet during seventh grade. On Models of the Runway, the models, especially Cerri the feisty Dubliner, harped on Megan for her gross display of the ability to speak, but later on, Jesse ended up thanking Megan for her loyalty and choosing her again. Find out who went home — and which designers chose which models — after the jump.

Jesus called sourpuss Sophia “difficult to work with,” and she ended up going home — but not before Heidi came backstage to further chastise her for being chastised for being difficult. Sophia’s awesome response: “My skin allergy is difficult.” Yes! It’s not me; it’s my horrific disease. That ate up a good 15 seconds. NOTHING HAPPENS ON THIS SHOW. And I watch it anyway!


Mila picked Lorena

Jay picked Monique over Kasey (Jonathan shafted!)

Emilio went back to Holly instead of sticking with Alison

Maya switched to Brandise (Jonathan shafted again!)

Anna stuck with Cerri

Seth Aaron: “I guess I’ll stay with Kristina

Jesse picked Megan: “I feel I can trust you very well.”

Janeane picked Valeria, who is never, ever on-camera

Ben stuck with Alexis the alien

Jonathan picked Alison [Air five!]

Jesus went back to Brittany: “Sophia, you were really difficult and as a designer a model should listen to me.”

Amy would love to work Kasey

Anthony picked Sarah

Hell to the No!
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