The news burning through Lost fan nation at this very moment: the first four minutes of the two-hour season 6 premiere, scheduled to air on Feb. 2 (four more days!), have been posted online. Apparently, a fan won a contest, got the clip, put it up. If you really want to watch it, you can do so here. May I offer a suggestion, though? Don’t do it. Just be patient and wait until Tuesday and watch the opening sequence in the full context of the whole story. I think atomizing the premiere into little packets of spoilerific info for the sake of hyping where absolutely no hype is necessary is just dumb.

I have to think it’s not the way the producers or the cast wanted to present their work to their fans — especially since it appears the clip basically resolves the biggest cliffhanger from last May’s finale. I also think this strategy risks inviting over-scrutiny and therefore bad buzz. For example, the first thing that came to my mind watching the clip was… well, do you really want to know? Seriously? Last chance to look away. My first thought was [SPOILER ALERT]… “the airplane looks too small.” Is that a fair criticsm? NO! That’s just a big fat nitpick. But based on what I saw, that’s all I got. Small airplane–and too much information. [Here’s my second thought: I loved Rose’s line “You can let go now.” Methinks that’s what the whole season will be about, thematically speaking–for the castaways, and for us.]

So please, do yourself the favor and don’t do what I just did. Don’t peek. Just wait. You made it this far. You can wait a little longer.

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