Rob Lowe is out but is Calista next? Plus, ''Glee'' casting scoop.

By Michael Ausiello
Updated January 29, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST
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Rob Lowe Exits Brothers & Sisters! Is Calista Next?
Someone alert Balthazar Getty, quick: There’s some space opening up at the Walker dinner table. On the heels of news that Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers & Sisters at the end of the season, sources confirm that his TV spouse, Calista Flockhart, will not be returning full-time next season. An ABC rep insists Flockhart will be back as a series regular, but declined to elaborate. (Series regulars typically appear in a minimum of 13 out of 22 episodes.) Flockhart’s lighter schedule was likely a contributing factor in Lowe’s decision to flee. The West Wing alum already felt his role on the show had become diminished. The prospect of Flockhart appearing in fewer episodes would’ve only increased his sense of marginalization. But to prove there are no hard feelings, ABC is actively searching for a new project for Lowe to headline. In the meantime, how will his senator character be written out? I hear the drama’s writers are mulling over a number of exit strategies, all of them pretty gosh darn grim.

Glee spoiler
Glee has heart, sure. And next season it’ll have soul, too. Among the three new characters exec producer Ryan Murphy is introducing is an R&B-singing teen — or, as he puts it, ”a male Mercedes” (Amber Riley, right). As previously reported, the other two roles being cast are an Eve Harrington-esque rival for Rachel (Lea Michele) and a gay jock-slash-love interest for Kurt (Chris Colfer).

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