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Three days ago, my friend Dalton Ross at Entertainment Weekly sent me an email and kindly offered me the opportunity to promote my new show Live for the Moment airing tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS and I said, “Absolutely!”

What I thought I would do with this open-ended opportunity from EW.COM is use it as my own very public focus group. If you watch the show, I’d love for you to then respond to this column and tell me if you liked it or not. Tell me if you’d like to see more episodes, the kinds of people you’d like to see us feature. All of it. How’s that sound?

But… first things first: WHAT IS IT?

Live for the Moment tells the story of someone who has experienced a life-changing event that inspired them to change how they live their life. We send them on a series of adventures which offer major thrills and life lessons on how to live a bigger, better life.

Each week we’ll feature someone different. Our pilot episode features Roger Childs, a husband and father of two from Denver who has been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s a daunting diagnosis, but when you see how it has inspired Roger to live his life you’ll be blown away.

Future episodes might feature someone who survived a plane crash, or a former athlete that was paralyzed. It’s all about people who have come to realize that life truly is short and we should all be enjoying our days as much as we can!


1. It may change how you live your life: I know it’s a bold comment, but if we did this show right, I really believe it may inspire you to live a fuller life, and there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

2. It offers kickass adventure: A phenomenal space shuttle launch at dusk with astronaut Buzz Aldrin as tour guide. A full-on Russian fighter jet flight through the California mountains and some beautiful heli-skiing in Telluride – all with a family you will love the moment you meet them.

3. Family viewing rocks: For 10 years, Thursday nights at 8 on CBS has been the home of Survivor where families can watch great television together. That’s why CBS put Live For The Moment on in this same time slot, because we know you want something you can watch with your family. Big adventure and inspiration. We have both. It’s a great combination.

4. Favor to me: If you’ve enjoyed anything I’ve done on Survivor over the past 10 years and 20 seasons, I’m asking you to take a chance, give it a watch, and then respond to this column and let me know if you’d watch it again.

5. You can be a television programmer: Love it or hate it, write to me and tell me! Let’s do this together! CBS will read this and if enough people respond… your comments will have an impact on whether we do more episodes or not. Then you can add “television executive” to your resume!

If I’ve captured your attention, go check out a trailer for it right now at:

Remember it airs this Thursday, Jan. 28th at 8pm on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS