No mortal could ever afford to hire Nate Berkus, Oprah’s official VP of Aesthetics and Tousled Hair (okay, we made up the title), for a home design job. But here’s some good news: He’ll do your Twitter page for free! The designer just released a line of backgrounds for the site, available for download on his Facebook page. So now when you RT @Nate_Berkus‘ pearls of wisdom (e.g., “Im at chelsea market in nyc….artisinal foods are so fascinating”), you can rest assured that the words will feel at home on a page decorated by the man himself. So far, there’s only one pattern (in five colors) available: a crisscrossing, pastel rope-looking thing (pictured) that makes it look like your tweets are locked inside a Nantucket linen closet. I guess it’ll have to do until Berkus releases the pattern his fans really want: a tiled image of himself, shirtless, holding a labradoodle puppy in one hand and a thornless rose in the other. Get crackin, Nate!

What’s the verdict, PopWatchers: Will you download Berkus’ designs?