By Annie Barrett
January 28, 2010 at 06:46 PM EST

You thought all evidence of Joe Jonas’ near-catatonic appearance on last night’s American Idol would disintegrate into the ether? Yeah, well, not so fast, history, because PopWatch has exhumed the EXCLUSIVE COMPLETE JOE JONAS ‘IDOL’ TRANSCRIPT. Make your best guess as to how many words the low-impact guest judge uttered during last night’s telecast of the Dallas auditions, then click through for the chance to hold on to the Brother’s riveting prose forever.


“This is actually our hometown, so to see future stars hopefully coming out of Dallas is always exciting for us.”

“It was awesome, man, definitely, you have star power for sure.”



“I’d say yeah.” [Off-camera; going on faith]

[Giggle/short expulsion of air after Kara raves to Maegan Wright, “And then you opened your mouth like that….”]


[Presence of Joe Jonas confirmed by eye-grabbing cute wave in shot of all four judges; “Nice to meet you!” appears to go along with cute wave but upon closer inspection was actually uttered by Randy Jackson]


“Definitely yes.” [Bonus thumbs-up]

That’s a clean 40 words, Idolooonies. Did you guess correctly? Why or why not?

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