By Mandi Bierly
Updated January 27, 2010 at 10:15 PM EST

By now, you’ve read the sad news that Ugly Betty‘s current season will be its last. If you want to debate whether ABC should have pulled the plug on the four-year-old show, Michael Ausiello is hosting that debate. Here on PopWatch, we’re accepting the cancellation and moving forward. Exec producer Silvio Horta and ABC president Steve McPherson have confirmed that Betty‘s writers will have time to pen a “satisfying conclusion” and “proper farewell.” So, knowing that they now have less than 10 episodes left, it’s time to seriously ponder that question we’ve all been asking since we first found out that Betty and Daniel coupled up in the original Colombian series:

I don’t want to sway your vote, but I’ll just say that I still think of Daniel as Betty’s older brother, and even though I’ve liked the men who’ve wooed her over the years, I don’t really need any of them to re-enter the picture before the final credits. I am intrigued by this fireman character Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer is set to play in what could be a potentially recurring role. He’s supposed to have the “date from hell” with Betty in an episode this March. The writers could have some fun with that and end the run with Betty realizing that she’s finally found a guy who knows who he is and whose baggage is manageable. That would be nice. But I also think they could end the show with young Betty finally leaving Mode and finding colleagues who truly accept, respect and inspire her. Betty’s a fighter, we get it. But work doesn’t have to be a war. There are tons of magazines in New York. She’s allowed to work for one that matches her interests. We’ll all suspend disbelief and buy that it’s hiring.

How would you like to see the series end?

Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/ABC