She claims she’s a “good girl” yet Sandra Diaz-Twine also told me in Samoa before Heroes Vs. Villains kicked off, “You do me wrong, you only do me wrong one time because then it’s over. I’m slicing you up. Slicing and dicing. I’m cutting your throat.” Oooooookay. Better be on my best behavior then. Here’s my take on Sandra. She plays the game of Survivor much more emotionally than strategically. When asked why she’ll win Heroes Vs. Villains, her answer was “Because I’m Sandra. Because that’s just the way it is.” That’s not exactly the height of pre-game strategy. And when asked about how she’ll handle the other contestants, check out this response: “If they’re not crazy yet, by the time I’m done with them, they’ll be crazy. I’m gonna be nice. I’m gonna give everybody the opportunity to come and get to know me. But if you don’t even bother to come and get to know me, you’re done. You dug your own grave. They need to come to me. I don’t need to come to nobody.” Alrighty, then! [Sandra’s big advantage heading into Heroes Vs. Villains, plus exclusive on location video, after the jump.]

But Sandra has one big advantage going into this season. Much like Candice, Danielle, and Randy, no one is worried about her in the least. Her name did not come up once in any of my interviews with the other contestants before the game began. That could prove to be folly, seeing as how Sandra already won once before in Pearl Islands. But Rupert and Johnny Fairplay grabbed most of the headlines from that season, making her a bit of an after thought. And, as Sandra notes about her new cast, which is primarily composed of people from recent seasons, “Some of them I honestly think they probably didn’t even watch the Pearl Islands.”

While Sandra may not be one of the game’s master tacticians, she is mentally tough and is unlikely to be intimidated by anyone, and that includes Russell. Plus, she will do her part around camp — we’ve got the evidence to prove it! To see video of Sandra finding her tribe’s dinner in the water (as well as talking some serious smack), click on the video below. This is the 13th in a series of daily profiles on the contestants of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains. If you missed our first 12 (including Russell, Boston Rob, Coach, and Cirie), there are links to all those players below the video. And to enjoy interviews with all the Heroes and Villains, head over to our killer Survivor video hub. Up next tomorrow: J.T. Oh, and for Survivor scoop delivered right to your virtual door, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Okay, take it away, Sandra…


Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS