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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Carell has a difficult decision to make. He can probably only make one movie this spring when The Office goes on hiatus, but he’s currently linked to two promising projects. One is a dramedy from Dan Fogelman (Fred Claus) about a father trying to maintain a relationship with his children while his marriage is in turmoil. The other is a comedy titled Mail-Order Groom, in which Carell would play a poor immigrant acquired by a desperately single Tina Fey.

Steve Carell is our friend, and we all want him to do well, so I think we owe it to him to help think this through. The dramedy sounds reminiscent of Dan in Real Life, a solid hit that showcased the actor’s “family man” sensibility. You liked it. Your mom liked it. A safe choice.

The Tina Fey comedy might be more risky. The NBC duo will star together in Date Night, due April 9. As reliably hilarious as Fey is, will the audience be fatigued if their favorite Thursday night funny-faces appear together in consecutive films, especially if Fey is playing desperate again, not completely unlike Baby Mama? Heaven forbid Date Night flops. Then what?

I vote for the dramedy, but mostly because the thought of Carell’s Eastern Euro accent for 90 minutes gives me seizures. (Remember what The Terminal did for Tom Hanks?) Toss Mail-Order Groom to Ricky Gervais.

Steve Carell needs help, people. Don’t let him down. Take our poll and let him know your choice.

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