Credit: Picket Fences: Everett Collection

One of the clients on last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker was Justin Shenkarow, a.k.a. Matthew Brock, the sheriff’s son from Picket Fences! Patti Stanger HATED him. My feelings about him weren’t quite as vehement because hello, do we really expect anyone worthwhile to be a client on Millionaire Matchmaker? I tried to divert my attention from what a suckfest he was and focus instead on how his hands appeared to have not grown up with the rest of his body. On the bright side, we will always have part of little Bobby!

Shenkarow posted a “behind-the-scenes of Millionaire Matchmaker” video on YouTube to explain his side of the story and preemptively combat Patti’s scathing reaction video on today. Justin’s low-rent episode of Cribs features about a billion quick cuts in two and a half minutes, in which he admits he doesn’t know how to dress, complains about his sailboat date, pimps his Twitter account and Facebook page, and includes a special message to President Obama, who is definitely watching: “Call me. Let’s work together.” Ooh. Should he?

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Image credit: Picket Fences: Everett Collection

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