After watching this week’s fun, the-Cold-War-isn’t-dead, poison-filled edition of Human Target, I realized that if I was 10 years old, this would be my favorite TV show. As it is, I really liked the episode’s double- and triple-crosses, and the moment when Mark Valley’s Christopher Chance squeezed a bad guy’s throat. (Actual 10 year-olds: Do not try that with your friends.)

My two questions?

1. People who write about the TV industry make a lot about lead-ins as ratings-boosters. In theory, it’s supposed to be great to have a huge hit such as American Idol preceding your show. But I wonder whether a lot of Idol fans also like the scripted adventure series that Human Target typifies. The genres seem so far apart. So I ask:

Who among you watched both of these shows, Idol and Target?

2. Which opening-credit sequence do you find cooler/more amusing? The one for the new Human Target:

Or the one for the 1992, Rick Springfield Human Target?

Let me know your answers to both; thanks.

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