Ashley Ferl is so aware of her American Idol legacy, that when she called EW today to talk about her auditioning experience, she introduced herself as: “This is Ashley Ferl, the crying girl.”

As we all remember, Ferl became famous back in 2007 after perceptive Idol cameramen caught her uncontrollably crying during Sanjaya Malakar’s season six performance of “You Really Got Me.” And, as we saw during last night’s L.A. audition episode, the former audience member tried out to perform on the Idol stage this season. (At 16, the Idol fan, who “had been waiting” to audition, was finally old enough.)

So how did it go? Not too well, according to Ferl. “On the actual day of the auditions, I went out at 10 the night before and stood in line,” she says. “They finally let us in, and I auditioned. They didn’t really say anything. They pretty much told me no. It was really fast.” In fact, Ferl — who sang Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw” — didn’t even make it past the first round. She might have, however, if the producers recognized her: “I don’t think they knew who I was,” she says.

It was a bummer for Ferl, who says she would have loved to meet the guest judges. “I was kind of mad that I didn’t make it, because I love Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry,” she says. “I really liked Katy judging, because she made all the comments towards Kara.” (For the record, Ferl is on Team Katy.)

But looking at the silver lining, Ferl is still pumped she was shown on screen last night. And she hopes to audition again next year. What tune will she sing? “Maybe ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,'” she says. Seems like a good fit to us!