On last night’s American Idol, Kara “The Terrible” DioGuardi raved on and on about how contestant Chris boasted a just-right-for-baby-bear amount of “story and pain and stuff” and would therefore make a great Idol contestant…and then SMACK! In swept heavily blushed guest judge Katy Perry and her favorite snack, a pen, to read the minds of annoyed viewers everywhere. “This isn’t a Lifetime movie, sweetheart.” EXACTLY. Also: pretty bitchy! Challenge extended: Kara vs. Katy — Woman who acts like she’s talking to puppies vs. mean girl. Your comments on last night’s instant-react PopWatch post weighed heavily in Katy’s favor, and while I do agree, I’m a little put off by the way Katy’s one-episode squat in what Slezak’s calling the “Paula Abdul Commemorative Swivel-Chair” has her practically gunning for Kara’s job already (assuming that in the wacky Katy Perry land of lip gloss and bananas, “host” means “judge”). Katy told MTV, “If I was offered that job as a permanent host, I would ditch my career and take on that career.” Good to know! She could be a real inspiration for others looking to launch careers they can later ditch in similar reality-TV-casting triumph.

How did the Katy-vs.-Kara spat (because we don’t like the word “catfight”) make you feel? Would you want Katy to permanently take Kara’s place on the panel, or are you still on board for Shania In 2011? Or should we can it with all the next-season replacement scenario talk and just let Kara keep her job? Read Slezak’s full TV Watch recap for more of this mess.

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