While EW’s own Michael Slezak fully recapped last night’s Katy- and Avril-infused audition episode of American Idol, there’s always the lingering question of: What’s already out there about the folks who won Golden Tickets to Hollywood? True, we only got info on five of the supposed 27 who are headed to the next round from Hollywood. But we searched around, and found the following on our Hollywood-bound contestants from Los Angeles:

Mary Powers: The faux-rocker who Simon called “clichéd” and sang Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” doesn’t have a MySpace presence (of if she does, we can’t find it — there are a lot of Mary Powerses out there!), but you can find her on YouTube. Namely, in a long video of American Idol-like auditions for series The Big Stage!, where she rather deftly sings “True Colors,” as well as an original song. Also in the clip, you can spy her adorable daughter Lily yet again. (Note: A MySpace page for Powers is listed on the video, but we couldn’t open it this morning.)

Jim Ranger: There’s nothing from Ranger on YouTube except for his “Drive” audition from last night’s episode, but the singer does have a MySpace page with a handful of his you-raise-me-up-type songs available. We already learned that he was a “worship pastor,” but this MySpace profile gives more details, revealing that he was raised in a preacher’s home and overall seems rather churchy and inspirational-like. Additionally, his bio reads: “His influences range from southern rock to southern gospel with that, oh so delicate intwinement of rhythm and blues…. Inspired by his life, love, and the faith he holds strong to, his songs are meant to bring hope and motivate dreams, all while making your foot tap a little.” We shall see if our feet tap in the coming weeks.

Tasha Layton: As far as we can tell, the “Baby Baby Baby” singer hasn’t posted any tunes on MySpace or YouTube. Too bad. We really wanted more.

Andrew Garcia: MySpace page for Garcia found, but alas, as much as we want to hear more from him, there’s virtually nothing posted on it. Just that his music supposedly sounds like, “My Heart.” And that he had a smattering of shows back in October. He is, however, on Twitter, and last night was responding to the outpouring of love for his Idol appearance with, “You guys are seriously part of my family! Thank you so much for all the loving tweets and feedbacks my heart feels overjoyed! Love you all!!” And YouTube turns up a few clips, notably a fun — and well done — Michael Jackson tribute he did with a woman identified on the clip as Cathy Nguyen. Plus, you can tell Garcia really loves Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning,” as there’s a homemade YouTube clip of him performing that, too, with a woman beat-boxing over it.

Chris Golightly: The 25-year-old kid with the foster-child back story doesn’t have much on the ‘nets besides, of course, his tear-jerking “Stand By Me” audition on YouTube. But we can all hope for a house remix of Katy Perry’s genius, biting line to Kara from his audition: “This is not a Lifetime movie, sweetheart!” (Pops up at 2:05 if you wanna play over and over, like I have been all morning.)

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