Smallville has been off my radar for a while, even after a friend gave me a two-hour crash course during a long baggage claim wait in a New York airport over the holidays. But the new Canadian promo for Absolute Justice has me running to watch the ”catch up” DVDs (also given to me by my Smallville enthusiast companion) that have been gathering dust atop my TV.

I have a feeling that even though I’ve watched Smallville with (at best) lax consistency, Absolute Justice is made for both devout viewers and lazy ones like me. Much like when I went to see all of the Batman and Spiderman movies in the theaters, I know merely the basics about the back story. Good guy. Bad guy. Superhero. Villain. There’s so much more to learn, I know, but it’s intimidating to be so far behind.

The good news is, I don’t think my lack of comprehensive knowledge will hinder my enjoyment of AJ at all. I mean, look at the promo. The movie looks like anything but a low-quality TV movie you’d find airing on a Saturday night on network X. It looks well made, and thus, I am excited.

Recap: After a one-week delay because of last week’s Haiti telethon, Smallville returns this Friday, and Absolute Justice airs Feb. 5. Watch them both. One for prep and one for fun.

But what about you? What are you excited about this week? Have any TV or movie promos caught your eye? Any books got you buzzing? Sound off below on what’s topping your Must List!