Remember when Conan O’Brien said he would like actress Tilda Swinton to play him in a movie about the NBC fiasco? Of course you do. Well, it looks like the cheeky actress is all for it. Yesterday, during an interview with Movieline, Swinton was asked if she would be willing to take on the challenge. She responded: “I would just be only too happy…Yes, yes, yes, absolutely.”

Sure, she may have been joking, but regardless, let’s just consider the awesomeness of a Swinton-as-O’Brien movie. (Even if I’m a little surprised O’Brien went with Swinton, and not Finland prez Tarja Halonen.) Do I smell Oscar? After all, not only does she look like the former Tonight Show host, but this dress would also look damn good accessorized with an “In the Year 2000” collar.

But who else would you cast in a movie inspired by the NBC late-night fiasco? (And let’s think outside the box here — let’s not cast with The Late Shift alums.) Who would play Jay Leno? David Letterman? Jimmy Kimmel? And Jeff Zucker? (I vote Eric Stonestreet, Keith Carradine, Patton Oswalt, and Stephen Tobolowsky.)

Your turn!

Photo Credit: O’Brien: Jay Brady/Everett Collection; Swinton: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos